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Elite Fastpitch has been producing quality players since 1989. Owner Tom Besser has coached at all levels of ASA, Junior College, NAIA (NCAA Division Two) and NCAA Division One. In the last 25 years, Elite has focused on pitchers, catchers and hitting. Elite Fastpitch coaches over 300 pitchers per week in our Pitching Classes and our Catcher Classes for 24 to 30 weeks per year making it one of the largest pitching schools in the world. We produce pitchers for colleges all over the USA. Private Lessons are available late spring and though the summer. We assist and advise our players though the recruiting process. Come and be part of our club.

Time to Prepare for High School Softball:

Important Elite Fastpitch News!


Monday South Plainfield-   South Plainfield Private Lesson Schedule

Tuesday, Barnegat- Barnegat Private Lesson Schedule

Wednesday Tabernacle,-Tabernacle Private LessonSchedule 

Thursday, South Amboy-  S. Amboy Private Lesson Schedule

Friday, Tabernacle- Tabernacle Private Lesson Schedule

Saturday, Barnegat- Finished but will resume in September

Sunday, Deptford- Finished but will resume in September


Welcome Letter

Here is how to register for classes.
1. To get started, get familiar with our web site. www.elitefastpitch.com.
2. Print out these two forms- Registration Form & Release Form.
3. If you are looking for Our Classes, they run from September to early spring in six week blocks (Six weeks $150). The next six weeks is- 1st Session Schedule.
4. If wondering where she fits, click here for our standards for each level.
5. Get the 2 forms to me ASAP with a $50 deposit. (12 Mallard Drive, Tabernacle, NJ 08088). Or… If time is short, bring full payment to the first class after you check in by phone or preferably by e-mail.

Here is what’s new- South Plainfield Monday
(Private Lessons Sept to August)
(All Season Sports Academy)-
We’ll open on Sept 12th, to get more info (Call 609-352-5609).

Summer Private Lessons (We’ve finished the summer private schedule, we will resume in the spring).
If it is Private Lessons you are after, find a suitable location below and review its schedule for an open slot. Then text or e-mail (609-352-5609 or e-mail at elitefp@aol.com) and if it is still open, it’s yours. Please review the general instructions at the bottom of each schedule.
Monday, S. Plainfield- Private Lessons Schedule.
Tuesday, Barnegat- Private Lessons Schedule.
Wednesday, Deptford- Private Lessons and Open Hour Schedule.
Thursday, S. Amboy- Private Lessons Schedule
Friday, Tabernacle- Private Lessons Schedule

My resume- My pitchers are my resume. If you use other coaches ask for their resume and compare. I’m confident….. No one can.
Click here- These are our Elite Fastpitch Retired Hall of Fame.
Click here- These are our Elite Fastpitch Active Hall of Fame.
Click here- There are our Elite Fastpitch 60 MPH Club Students.
Click here- This is an abbreviated Bio of Thomas B. Besser.

This is what happened on the fields this past year:
Elite College Pitchers and Players (2016)
Elite High School Varsity Records (2016)
Elite High School Varsity Awards (2016)

Whether you are a Facebook type person or not check this out. I hope you like it, its set up for my students and their families. Click Here for my Facebook page.

Make no mistake… We want You!!
The fall season is here now!! The stakes are high!!
You can pay more for training (a lot more) but,
You can’t buy better training at any price!!!