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Be Elite Statement
The word Elite has become a very popular word in the last few decades. I see on trucks and general advertising sites everywhere. But for me it goes back to the 1960s and my time in the US Army. As a young Paratrooper, Ranger and a Special Ops soldier I was fortunate to be in very ELITE units. These are unit above the regular army. To this day, they inspire me to produce Elite players. I want to impart to my students to beyond the norm, to fear one thing…. Fear Being Average!!! Go to Elite History and study what we have done and project it forward.

We are the sum of our experiences. My training comes from a variety of places and times. I was the Assistant Chief Engineer at Janney Cylinder Co. and President of ABC Drafting. These were Mechanical Engineering position (Machine Design). These strengthened me in physics, mechanics, force vectors and the general science of machinery. I find it an extremely valuable asset when analyzing windmill mechanics. As an Army NCO and Officer I learned how to lead and train large groups of soldiers. When those two aspects of my life ended I had time to spend with my children, their sports and finally our sport. At that time mid-80s the sport was very small. Like many of you I was addicted to fast pitch quickly. Having a little knowledge I taught local kids until I found out I didn’t know much. That started the quest for more knowledge. I set up a pitching laboratory at home and studied motion (humans as a machine) focusing, at first, on pitching and hitting. Within a year the school had grown out of control. Pitching intrigued me so most of the study went there. What I found as I went was that pitching is a study physics. To that end we have studied each component of the human body to determine how to maximize the efficiency of each. I also started coaching at the college level to observe better quality players. I coached 4 different college teams (one of them went to the college World Series). The experience was another step in learning. I pay little attention to much of the commonly used concepts being taught many of them are from baseball phases which have no relationship to our motion. So…. Keep eyes and mind open and come out and see what we’re doing. Never stop learning, you never know where it takes you.