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Each of us is the sum of our experiences. Elite Fastpitch Inc. and I are no exception. The following is not my resume for I believe my great pitchers are my resume. The following is how Elite Fastpitch Inc. evolved to its current operation. If you choose Elite Fastpitch Inc. as your school for Fastpitch training you should understand my coaching philosophy.

The Beginning (1965 - 1967)
Graduation from HS, marriage to Carol, employment as mechanical designer at Janney and college at night school (Penna. Institute of Technology) Mechanical Engineering / Machine Design.


Lessons Learned - 1) Life on your own is hard, days are long, education and hard work is the key to advancement. 2) Train to advance.

The War Years (1967 – 1969)
Entered US Army, assigned FT Dix, Ft Polk, Ft Benning (Paratrooper / Ranger), Ft. Gordon then assigned to Co F, 75th RANGER (ABN) as Team Leader 2-2 Republic of Viet Nam. Trained under Delta Project 5th Special Forces (Recon Commando School). 3 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star for Valor, CIB, promoted to Staff Sgt E6 after 18 ½ months service. Lesson Learned- 1) Humans can be barbaric, noble and heroic (at the same time). 2) The United States and her Armed Forces are the protector of all decency in the world. 3) Train hard to survive and win against your opponent. 4) Be competent and confident in self, but be a team member. 5) Be true to your unit, even to death.

Business / Military and Success (1969 – 1992)
Held business titles of Asst Chief Engineer, Mfg Manager, Plant Manager, Vice President Operations, and President. Military assignments of- as Lieutenant- Special Forces A Team XO & Commander, Ranger Company Commander. As Captain- Infantry Company Commander, Special Forces A Team Commander. As Major- Infantry Battalion Operations Officer. As Lieutenant Colonel- Mechanized Infantry Battalion Commander.

Lessons Learned- 1) A man’s word is his bond. 2) Doing right isn’t easy… do it anyway. 3) Set standards and train to standards. 4) Leadership, determination and training succeed.

So, you thought this was about sports or Elite Fastpitch didn’t you, well . . . it is.

Those experiences have made me a focused trainer. I’m willing to go against the grain to produce only ELITE players. Not everyone will join my operation, it does not disturb me. Not everyone will stay with me, I don’t need everyone. The best will stay or those that join and stay will be the best, the elite of the elite. I’ve trained with the best. I’m training the best. Elite isn’t just a company name it is a way of life.

Thomas B Besser
Elite Fastpitch Inc.