Catcher Training Classes

(Catcher Classes)

General Information- Our school year will be organized into 4 six week catching sessions and "possibly" one spring session. The first session will start in early September, the second session will start in mid-October, the third will start in early December and the fourth will start in mid-January. Our spring session will start directly after that. Schedules for those sessions will be maintained on this site. Because of snow days and school function we may have schedule changes. On this site you should be able to find all pitcher information to include, scheduling for the year, student achievement information, costs ($145 per six weeks), directions and general pitching info.

What will be trained- Physical tasks include- Receiving, framing, signals, stances, blocking, pass balls/wild pitches, fielding bunts, snap throws 1st and 3rd, throws to 2nd, basic pitch calling, organizing communication and signals, evaluating hitters and more. If you are a previous student, e-mail me with a request and I’ll set you up with a slot on the appropriate roster.

If you are a new student, Go to my home page to get started. In all cases you will need a current "Elite Fastpitch Release Form" and a “Elite Fastpitch Registration Form”. Print both and fill them out.

You are just about finished- Once you have your Release and Registration Form complete send them to Elite Fastpitch Inc, 12 Mallard Drive, Tabernacle, NJ 08088 along with a $45.00 deposit. Be prepared to pay the balance of $100 on week #1. Also if this is your first time at this level be prepared to purchase the training DVD for that level, $25.00.