Pitcher Training Classes

(Elite Windmill Pitching Classes)

General Information- Our school year will be organized into 4 six week pitching sessions and “possibly” one spring session. The first session will start in early September, the second session will start in mid-October, the third will start in early December and the fourth will start in mid-January. Our spring session will start directly after that. Schedules for those sessions will be maintained on this site. Because of snow days and school function we may have schedule changes. On this site you should be able to find all pitcher information to include, scheduling for the year, student achievement information, costs ($150 per six weeks), directions and general pitching info.

Statement, Group Instruction- "My Group Instruction) beats Private Instruction"- Let me start by saying I do both. Be doubtful of this analysis if you wish but I can back-up this statement with fact. 

1st- Superior Methods- I challenge you to find anyone that has personally trained more college pitchers, more All-Americans, more All-State Pitchers within 1000 miles of NJ (See Recruits). With very few exceptions these were all trained in my classes not in my private lessons. Those students at the top of the list were in classes once, twice or even three times per week, and spent anywhere from 5 to 11 years in those classes.

2nd- Visualization- Words become vapor in an instant. Everywhere a pitcher in class looks there is pitching, corrections and praise. If one picture is worth a thousand words then 16 pitchers are worth a 16 thousand words per second, powerful information getting to each pitcher. 

3rd- Competition- Every time a pitcher catches a pitcher across the room from her, she is measuring. Am I throwing as hard as this pitcher? Is my curve curving as much as this pitcher? Is my change-up as deceptive as this pitcher? And if she isn’t competing in class, what’s her problem? 

4th- Safety- When my pitchers are pitching to like speed pitchers, they are preparing to protect their face, protect their bodies.

5th- Cost- My classes cost $25.00 per hour and private lessons cost approximately $40.00 per half hour (or $70.00 per hour). So, it’s 3 times more expensive and less than half as effective (See my pitchers). That’s a very poor use of training time and money.

Levels of Instruction- I organize our instruction into three levels. Basic level (W1) is purely "basic mechanics," classes that progress quickly will learn the change-up. Fastball mechanics are the objective. Our W2 focuses on fastball, change up and dropball. Transitioning to W3 is the objective. W3 is for our advanced students. Pitchers will learn and perfect fastball mechanics, several types of change ups, drop, several curves, screwball and riseball. At the W3 level we may have levels within this level. The later classes are our most advanced pitchers and the classes we invite college coaches into.

Standards- This is my standard to move students. There are 4 points of mechanics that are nonnegotiable. They must be able to demonstrate 1) Wrist Snap 2) A clean, straight, aligned Arm Circle 3) Hip Rotation that is synchronized with arm circle and stride / 4) Stride that supports the above and two non-mechanical standards 5) low 40 mph range for speed and 6) be relatively consistent in the strike zone. W1 is geared to producing solid basic mechanics and I don't like moving them to soon. However, I don't like boring them by over doing it. The format for W2 is 30 mins of Fastball (Mechanical drills, speed drills & Location drills); 8 to 10 mins of Change-up (4 different change ups) and the remaining time is "Dropball." I move them from W2 to W3 when they demonstrate a good drop and get their Fastball over 50 mph.

Our format in W3 is Fastball (mechanical drills, location drills & speed drills) for 20 to 25 mins. Change up (hand shake, knuckle, circle (OK) & back hand, rotating one per week) for 5 to 8 mins. Each even numbered day (2, 4, 6) we teach curveball and screwball for 15 mins each. Each odd numbered day (1, 3, 5) we teach drop & riseball for about 15 mins each. If there is more than one W3 at that location we divide the students by speed. The higher the speed, the later the class. Speeds are recorded every even numbered day. Hope this helps you decide where she belongs.

You are just about finished. Once you have your "Elite Fastpitch Release Form" and "Elite Fastpitch Registration Form" complete send them to Elite Fastpitch Inc, 12 Mallard Drive, Tabernacle, NJ 08088 along with a $50.00 deposit. Be prepared to pay the balance of $100 on week #1. Also if this is your first time at this level be prepared to purchase the training DVD for that level, $25.00